Sunday, March 14, 2010

What we learned

The NTRA needs more bandwidth: After advertising they were broadcasting both the races of Rachel and Zenyatta they experienced and apparent system crash. Going by the Twitter comments not only were no videos of either race broadcast but the NTRA was able to cultivate an overabundance of irate fans. Way to go guys, way to show the sport. Ok stuff happens but next time you purport you’re broadcasting then make sure you’re ready for the traffic.

Rachel wasn’t ready: According to Bloodhorse Jess Jackson has decided not to run Rachel against Zentatta in the Apple Blossom. He was quoted as saying “Yesterday’s race while a disappointment, helped us define Rachel Alexandra’s racing condition. While she is healthy, just as I had anticipated she is not in top form. Therefore, I decided today she will not be going to the Oaklawn Invitational on April 9. Steve and I discussed this fully and we now regret we tried to accelerate her training in order meet the Apple Blossom schedule. We have a whole season before us to help define her greatness. She will tell us when her next race will be.” She was not in “top shape” yet she still ran a 100 Beyer. Calvin Borel stated he wanted to let her run but was instructed not to. Maybe next time Steve will listen to Calvin and let Rachel do her thing.

Every little thing she do is magic: Ok, how many adjectives could be used to describe her. She danced, she pranced, she was magic; blocked in she worked her way through glared at Dance To My Tune and blew by on a hand ride. Watch the race again and analyze for yourself how she looked at the other horses. In the vernacular of horses she was telling them there is no damn way your getting past me. Simply put she is something special. And I can guarantee in the near future there will be no end to Stallion owners wanting to “call her up a thousand times a day…”.  

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