Friday, May 7, 2010

A needed pat on the back

With a lot of negativity floating around the Thoroughbred industry it’s nice to see a major publication give the industry a pat on the back. That’s what the Thoroughbred Daily News did with its new spring magazine named “Success Stories”.

The online magazine details five different operations of various interests within the industry. Who although may have differing business modules all are “firm believers in doing things the right way”.

 At a time when we are inundated  with stories of diminishing revenues, abusive owners and never ending debate of slot machines it’s nice to have an injection of good news in the industry. Way to go Thoroughbred Daily News keep up the good work!

Side note: I still love ya’ even if you didn’t run my article on the tax break I discovered through Section 179 of the Economic Stimulus Package (The Paulick Report linked to it).

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